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Ayat al Kursi

Lady Fatima Society for Spirirual Rememberence (Dhikr),


IInternational Sufism Conference

29 July 2014

2014 LFS Conference

Oxford, England

19 Paradise Street

Oxford, OX1 1LD

Call for Papers

The papers are invited in all areas of Sufi and Sufism-related topics. These include:

- Development of Sufism in history

- Major Spiritual figures throughout the historical spectrum

- Major and minor concepts of Sufism

- Denominations and Orders

- Interaction and Co-relation between Sufi and Esoteric movements

- Influences from and on outside Muslim world

- The Sufi concepts and doctrines in the modern world

- Sufism in Americas

- Sufism in Europe

- Sufism in Asia

- Sufism in Africa

- Sufism and Atheism

- Sufism and Politics

- Sufism and Authenticty Challenges


Abstracts Deadline: 15-June-2014

Conference Date: 29- July- 2014


By remembering God, hearts will find peace

We endeavor as a community to offer and engage in acts of remberence both individually and collectively tin order to maintain our awareness of the path that we have started by entering the life which we ought to walk through with a sense of satisfaction and joy and which we ought to come to its end with no regrets.


Centre of attention and cause and reason and purpose of being and becoming.



Beinn connected and preserving the connection with what it is all about.



Affection for all being and manifestations of God's love for the universe and all creatures.